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Es una carta dirigida a la hoy Presidenta Electa de México, que escribimos desde hace tiempo, con el fin de entregarla o publicarla algún día, para pedir su ayuda.
Students from the Agua Caliente Technical Secondary School presenting their Spanish literary anthology
Students from the Agua Caliente Technical Secondary School presenting their Spanish literary anthology

Image: Students from the Agua Caliente Technical Secondary School Mexico presenting their Spanish literary anthology.

Agua Caliente, Contepec, Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico; as of December 16, 2023.

Dear Claudia,

We have received your news with joy, although with some sadness for not having a complete solution. Firstly, I want to tell you that since you have “talent, you must carry out the famous issue of governance with talent.” His parents are not from this new generation and it is the most charming thing, not only because they understood him, but after his process, you have left us signs that dreams can come true.

However, my story is different from yours. I hope one day to be able to tell it to you personally, because these heartfelt lines seek another dream. I'll tell you briefly. We have been championing a project for years and years, since 2017 to be exact, however, during our process, some antagonistic regulations emerged and in recent days it is natural that they clash with the system. That the laws are to be fulfilled, but not to fulfill a dream like ours; which belongs to an entire community, for having its own secondary school, and thus, being able to continue studying, developing and educating their children near their home, without having to spend money on a ticket to Contepec.

A person who did not have dreams would not give his life to a project; My colleagues and I have planted, fertilized and cared for a school in Agua Caliente, Municipality of Contepec, in the State of Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico. Madam Candidate: I ask you, through Our Father Jesus, to listen to us and make you understand fairly, as only you express yourself, the Secretary of Education of the State of Michoacán, to resolve us favorably. Since some unconscious people have slandered our educational authorities, only you can make them understand. Adopt us with your great dignity until you support us and make official our work center that serves children from rural communities such as Agua Caliente, El Césped, El Capulín, Arroyo del Muerto and Venta de Bravo, and even from Contepec itself.

And of course have faith in us, despite the lack of payment we did not faint, we have had strength, our lady Claudia: read, study and think that this storm that is going through will serve to enrich our spirit. In his messages about education there are things that make us think. His example has taught us that it is worth a lot and you have to have your reward. Think about what you can do for us, I will be there to help you with anything. So that you act with caution. I am very worried about my classmates, because their families have supported them since the beginning of the project to create a secondary school, but after seven years, it is becoming more and more difficult for us. I recognize that soon we will stop overcoming all the difficulties, because although we have energy, grace and joy, as we Mexicans say to stop a train, little by little, some have abandoned our project. Since they have not given us the workplace code, far from it, they have paid us for our services as teachers, despite having already graduated four generations from our Agua Caliente Technical High School, accepting low-income children who dream of continue studying and that thanks to this school they have achieved their dream.

I think a lot about you and you don't know this, today I had the need to tell you, hoping that in these lines you must read all the recognition that I have for you and all the fight that we have had, in the midst of the efforts, which my Director, teacher Carmelita, who have not yet achieved their goal, but we have done them because our hearts still beat. I confess that I only have one obsession and that is that I would like to witness the day our dream was achieved; the event that brings together fathers, mothers, students and teachers from the region, and after having lived this experience, to be able to deliver more generations of adolescents with their high school completed; because I am still strong enough to continue reading, writing, learning, planning and teaching my beloved students, who deserve that their school be recognized by the Ministry of Public Education of Michoacán and with their determination to counteract the wrong attitude of former officials, because Only you can channel with impartiality, responsibility, talent, love, honor, honesty, legality and justice. I mentioned it a few months ago to my dear Giulianna Bugarini, a mutual friend; She has known me since the Michoacán Youth Parliament in 2015.

If made possible, our dream of assigning an official code for our Technical Secondary School will be with our students forever. I am committed to being the best SPANISH TEACHER and I ask you to continue being an honest and responsible politician and ruler, who can channel the just causes of the “Soul of Mexico”. Doctor Claudia: You must listen to me out of pity. Sad, not to say terrible, things have also happened to a server and I have dealt with them with grace. As you have done. Don't get carried away by criticism. It has many things for which you must continue fighting, because our historic and beautiful country can also be more prosperous and fair, as dreamed of by Don Melchor Ocampo, the illustrious Michoacan scientist, politician and ruler, originally from Pateo, Michoacán.

Hopefully one day, you can visit us, and know how much we appreciate you, that's why I ask and plead for your prudence and beg your help. Here we wait for you with open arms, to see with your own eyes what I am writing to you and what is still left to discover. You can't let us down. That is weak people and you have reminded us with your life and example at all times that you are a true woman, but above all, a praiseworthy human being. God bless all your projects. I hope to continue working again, because my beloved parents have formed me with a spirit that is willing to manage, learn, fight, dream, teach and educate with the heart, with the verses of Sor Juana, with the vision of Leona Vicario, with the strength of Carlota, with the patience of Carmen Serdán... I also have many memories of my teachers who shaped me and ideals of the great men who fought to be essential such as Ocampo, Shakespeare, Lorca and Da Vinci. Before saying goodbye, receive fraternal hugs from this humble teacher, who seeks every day to become a better person, who dreams every morning that someone with a good heart and conscience will fulfill our DREAM: Give key to our Technical School and provide keys officers to teachers.

I am in my community. In front of a painting of Don Quixote of La Mancha, I write to you, as my last hope and as the knight of justice. I attach some drawings of my students. I very sincerely hope that, by God! Be happier, firmer and more visionary.

We will soon celebrate Christmas and New Year! Happy December Holidays!

Fraternal greetings; Teacher. Diego Armando Bello Nieto.

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